Publié par : lskndrs | mars 11, 2012

Yume no tamago music sheet

Despite a deep search on the net, i didn’t find any music sheet of the beautiful piano version of Yume No Tamago (closing theme of Rah Xephon). So I’ve started one by myself and I’ve uploaded it. There may be some mistakes and missing notes, I’ve not finished the last part yet but I hope I’ll write it when I get some time.

Here’s the download link, don’t hesitate to talk about corrections and so on.

Yume no tamago

24/10/2016(!) edit : new version available (just click on the same link), still not the definitive one (left hand need to be fixed) but that’s the whole stuff, enjoy.



  1. belle image !

  2. wow tu as écrit ça toi-même? c’est impressionnant. j’attend le version pour le violon:)

    • il faudrait déjà que je me motive pour la terminer ! je suis passé à d’autres choses depuis, mais je trouverai bien un moment !

  3. Thank you so much for this, I just happened to find this googling your username from the youtube video of this song! I hope you finish it soon as I’ll be keeping an eye on this page.

  4. You have an amazing talent for playing music by ear. I’m jealous! Please find a moment to finish it.

  5. j’espere que tu pouras finir ce piece, j’ai deja appris ce premier page mais helas il faut quelqu’un avec talent pour le finir! continue le bon travail

  6. I’ve looked everywhere for this! It would be amazing if you could finish the last part since it’s my favorite. Thank you so much!

  7. I just wanted to let you know, 4 years later, that I am still interested you finishing the rest of this song. You did such a good job with the first parts. If I could help you finish it I would!

    • Ahah, and 4 years later I still keep playing the first part and stop always at the same step, this is so frustrating ! Ok, now I’ll try to finish it once for all 🙂

      • and by the way, i’ve juste listen the piano version, I’ve already found several mistakes in my first sheet, well, there’s work to do !

    • New version out


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